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The benefits of Green Bean

JAKARTA (Pos Kota) - Green beans, or Phaseolus aureus derived from
aka Leguminoseae family of legumes. As a food, plant
can produce a variety of cuisines, ranging from various
small snacks, porridge, until the compote.

In addition to the savory and delicious taste, green beans and kecambahnya has many health benefits.

Green beans have a relatively high protein content and
is a source of important minerals, including calcium and phosphorus.
While the fat content is unsaturated fatty acids that are safe for consumption by those who have overweight problem.

Green beans contain high protein, as much as 24%. In the menu
people's daily lives, beans are an alternative source
best vegetable protein. Traditionally, pregnant mothers are often
recommended eating green beans for infants born
have thick hair.

The growth of body cells including hair cells requires good nutrition, especially protein and because the green beans are rich in protein, hence the desire to have a thick-haired baby will be realized.

The content of calcium and phosphorus in green beans useful for
strengthen bone. Green beans also contain low-fat
very good for those who want to avoid high fat consumption.
Low fat content in green beans cause of food or drinks made from green beans are not easily rancid.

Fat green beans made up of 73% unsaturated fatty acids and 27% saturated fatty acids. Generally nuts contain unsaturated fats is high. High unsaturated fat intake is important for maintaining heart health.

Green peas contain vitamin B1 which is useful for growth.
Originally known as vitamin B1 anti-beri-beri, hereinafter
demonstrated that vitamin B1 is also useful to help the process

Vitamin B1 deficiency can disrupt the digestive process
food and then could be bad for growth. By increasing the intake of foods that contain lots of vitamins B1, such as green beans, constraints on the growth of the body can

By consuming green beans it will help increase appetite and improve digestive tract, because it is not
directly, that role is related to the effects of improvement
body growth.

Research shows that vitamin B1 deficiency causes gastric and intestinal emptying time two times slower that engindikasikan difficult process of digestion so that food is most likely not be absorbed properly.


Green beans can also be used as a source of energy because
contains vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 is part of coenzyme
plays an important role in the oxidation of carbohydrates to be converted into
energy. Without the presence of vitamin B1 body will have difficulty
the break down carbohydrates.

Green Peas can maximize the nerve that were disrupted by
carbohydrate oxidation is inhibited. Research on a group of people
who lack sufficient food containing vitamin B1 in a short time the symptoms appear irritable, unable to concentrate, and less vibrant. This is similar to the signs of being stressed.

Green beans also contain vitamin B2 which help absorption
protein in the body. One theory suggests that vitamin B2
can help the absorption of protein in the body. The presence of vitamin B2 will increase the utilization of protein so that absorption becomes more efficient.

Not inferior to peanut, mung bean sprouts have also
benefits include:

a. Antioxidants contained in it can help slow the aging process and prevent the spread of cancer cells.

b. The content of vitamin E it helps increase fertility.

c. Very good to maintain and accelerate gastric acidity
digestion. because it is alkaline (base).

d. For beauty, which helps rejuvenate and refine
skin, remove black stains on the face, acne cure, nourish hair and body slimming. Mega (Mega /

Benefit of Papaya fruit

Latin name Carica papaya. Australian Society called Paw paw. And the Indonesian people know him by name papaya. Fruit is famous as a medicinal plant in various parts of the world. Usefulness can be gleaned from almost all parts of the plant, but the fruits are most often used because it easily available and tasty.

For those of you who like to eat papaya fruit, it's good to know that one feature of this fruit for your confidence to eat them growing. If you rarely eat papaya. So for this article're made so that you are moved to sample and loved it. Well, here's 10 things important about the papaya that can make you 'love' him.

Papaya fruit contains a variety of enzymes, vitamins and minerals. In fact, its vitamin A content of more than carrots, and vitamin C was higher than oranges. Also rich with vitamin B complex and vitamin E.

Papaya fruit contains the enzyme papain. This enzyme is very active and has the ability to accelerate the process of protein digestion. Digesting protein is the main problem faced by many people who are generally in the daily diet. The body has limitations in mencerba proteins caused by lack of spending hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

Protein content in papaya fruits are not too high, only 4-6 grams per kilogram weight of fruit. But this small amount can be almost completely digested and absorbed by the body. This is due to the enzyme papain in papaya fruit is able to digest a substance 35 times larger than its size alone. Protein digestibility of this reminds us to more carefully select the food, that food that contains high protein may not necessarily benefit the body. What matters is whether or not the protein is easily absorbed by the body.

Papain can break down proteins into arginine. Arginine compound is one of the essential amino acids in normal conditions can not be used to produce the body and obtained through foods such as eggs and yeast. However, if the enzyme papain pencerbaan proteins involved in the process, naturally some proteins can be converted into arginine. The process of formation of arginine with papain was also influence the production of human growth hormone is popularly known as human growth hormone (HSG), because arginine is one full of obligatory in the formation of HGH. Now, HGH is what helps improve muscle tone and reduce fat accumulation in the body. Other important information, laboratory test showed arginine serves to inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells.

Papain can also break down food that contains proteins and to form various amino acid compounds that are autointoxicating or automatically removes unwanted substances formation due to incomplete digestion. High blood pressure, constipation, arthritis, epilepsy and diabetes are diseases that arise because the process of digestion is not perfect. Papain can not always be prevented, but at least to minimize the negative effects that arise. What is clear papain can help make the process pencenaan better food.

Papain works to help the arrangement of amino acids and helps remove body toxins. In this way the immune system can be improved.

Papaya can also speed up the digestion of carbohydrates and fats. The enzyme papain is able to break down the fibers of the meat, making the meat easier to digest. No wonder when the papaya is often used as ingredients of meat pengempuk, especially for making satay or cooking stew.

Papaya has antiseptic properties and helps prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria in the gut. Papaya helps normalize the pH of the intestine so that the situation becomes normal intestinal flora.

Papain is formed in all parts of the fruit, good skin, pulp, and seeds. So should papaya fully utilized. In fact, for those who experience digestive problems, are advised to eat fruit and papaya seeds.

Fruit is still mengkal or half cooked have a higher nutrient content than ripe fruit. But women who want to have children or are pregnant are prohibited from eating them, because the raw fruit and mengkal have the effect of the womb to abort. Because the effects of this one, in many countries such as Papua New Guinea and Peru, papaya is used as a contraceptive. Advice for pregnant women, if you want to get the benefits of papaya, eat the ripe fruit only.

A parent's guide to Parkour

It looks dangerous!. Extreme!.

When viewed the first time, Parkour seems to be in the same category as skateboarding, snowboarding, and other sports that seem to attract the attention of teenagers (especially boys). With still better known than his young parkour other physical activities, it is understandable that parents would not hesitate to support the wishes of their children in Parkour. "Why not something more" safe "like football or hockey?

Although dynamic, looks spectacular, parkour is actually a positive and safe activity for people of all ages if done properly. With proper support from parents and other adults who care, parkour is very safe for young children. The trick is to ask the right questions and see things right when your child take a parkour training, just as you do if your child is interested in trying a new hobby or join a new community.

How to support your child.

First, do not let the videos parkour scare you! Do not judge a book by its cover. Know that Parkour is not about tricks alone. Parkour is about efficient movement of the entire body and overcome obstacles. Do research and find out what parkour is, and make sure your child also understands. If your child is influenced by the spectacular videos, then support the interest, even though you may not agree with these videos. Use the attitudes that support to help your child discover that parkour is not about tricks or carelessness, but it is about hard work and self-discovery. Encourage your child to learn about the physical condition, exercise, and safety training. Help them find a means to set some fitness goals and exercise routine. Researching and learning about parkour together can be a great way to ensure that your child get the right information to practice safe, and you will fully understand what they wrestled with this newfound pursuit.

The best way to help your child to practice Parkour with a safe and prudent approach is to understand the difference between serious parkour practitioners and people who are only interested in making videos parkour on YouTube are spectacular. The serious parkour practitioners will always think about the benefits of conditioning, became a champion of safe ", a slow development of skills, and will be more interested in training at the soil surface rather than jumping on the roof. Just as you would for any new social group of your child, check the community where your child to get information about parkour. If they look like a thrill seeker, if they distanced themselves from salvation, then they are not practicing parkour. But do not let this hinder your child's interest. Instead, help your child (and quite possibly his colleagues) find the right resources for a safe approach to parkour training and the right attitude.

As with other physical activity, parkour involves the risks involved. It would be foolish to argue back. But the risk in that parkour is not much different from other physical activities. This risk can be reduced, and even eliminated, with proper training and conditioning programs. If your child is interested in starting parkour training, encourage him to start with a conditioning program. Training involved in parkour conditioning will look more familiar to you: squats, pushups, pullups, running, and similar exercises. It's hard to argue against the benefits of exercise, especially since most fitness programs, and organized school sports teams, using similar exercises during the workout and training sessions. Actually, this kind of fitness training, not reckless jumping, which is usually used as the basis of an exercise of the traceurs.

Second, see if there is parkour community training in your area. Most urban areas have formed groups who practice parkour together. This is usually an informal group who get together and practice in a supportive environment on a regular basis. Small towns may also have a community of Parkour, or at least one or two traceurs who train together. This is a great way for your child to learn from more experienced practitioners and can add new friends, and also for you to have the opportunity to examine directly how parkour training. If no group in your area, do not let this discourage you or your child. Many practitioners are practicing on their own, and even the founders of this discipline to do a lot of practice itself. There are a lot of correct information on the internet to help traceurs practicing on their own, and internet famous parkour community support and help.

Practicing Parkour seriously not only will help your child become more physically fit and active, but will also introduce him to the whole community of people who are interested in healthy living. Traceur serious are those who are very interested in exercise, nutrition, and welfare. Your child will learn a lot of useful, actionable information through parkour exercises that will have health benefits and well-being throughout their lives.

Parkour is a non-competitive and requires no special skills or equipment, which makes it far more accessible to pursue physical than most organized team sports. All that is necessary for success in parkour is a desire to work hard and be safe. Many traceurs have observed that physical training in overcoming the obstacles they have been translated into improved ability to cope with mental or emotional barriers. Discipline and dedication required for the traceurs parkour training can assist in all areas of life, not just in parkour. The common expression of this, among parkour, is, "I no longer see the obstacles, but opportunities." Through practice parkour, traceurs can learn the life skills like goal setting, perseverance, healthy living, work together in a community, helping people Another, self-discipline and motivation, and perseverance. This can be carried over into school life, personal relationships, and responsibilities of jobs and careers.

Third, try to include your child to a "jamming" or more (eg Jamming Regional or National). Jamming is a large gathering of traceurs, usually from the scope of a wider geographical area, over an extended weekend. This activity is a good opportunity to learn. This event is an opportunity for your child to work with larger groups, and often with more of an experienced traceurs. Parents are always welcome at jamming activities, either as observers or as a participant (Yes, you may find that you like it too!), And will benefit while attending the jamming. Your child will always know about jamming activities which will come from the announcement on the internet. If your child expressed an interest to attend a jam, try looking into it and consider a fair chance. This event was fantastic, positive learning experience and create opportunities for a new friendship, because with the tight-knit, welcoming community nature of parkour. Furthermore, the experience of traveling to jamming, arrange lodging, budgeting money, communicating with large groups, and managing schedules all provide valuable life skills in a supportive, structured environment.

Finally, the best way to understand parkour is to try for yourself! Parkour is a natural way of moving, it has been hard-wired into our DNA from prehistoric times. Parkour is all about the game. Games like tag, follow-the-leader, and "hot lava" all part of parkour training. Parkour is available to anyone, anytime, regardless of fitness level or experience. As mentioned, all it takes is a willingness to work hard and be safe. Parkour practitioners come from all ages and all walks of life, so you will not be seen as "weird" to try it. Parkour welcome all circles, and most traceurs so passionate about their discipline and they are more pleased again to welcome anyone who is interested in learning more about parkour, regardless of gender or age. It's not just for teenage boys! What better way to get the shape and bond with your child than to try parkour itself (together with your child)?

The spirit of Altruism

Observing development of the world and the stories that later coloring and inspire many people, I remembered the characters who became my idol as a child. adventure story Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer courage, fortitude Oliver Twist, Old Shaterhand the enviromentalis, kebiajksanaan and prestige Winnetou, Tintin the intrepid, even Indonesia's first cartoon series that first impressions could be the most ditunggu2 after bathing in the afternoon the Huma and Windy. The stories that breathe like that which may never be heard again by the children of today. Or still remember us in the movie Zorro, starring Douglas Fairbanks?

At the time I was a kid, stories like that become a childhood story was fantastic and was carried unconscious to the present. Memories of Huckleberry Finn's adventures exploring the surrounding nature, the spirit of friendship and camaraderie that carried the stories of Old Shaterhand and Winnetou, patience exams and hatred of others who demonstrated Oliver Twist, the courage to challenge injustice Tintin, and the spirit of mutual assistance which exemplified the Huma and her friend the Windy. I realize how the ages are so many articles, stories and movies that are very qualified and have a big impact on the development of one's soul. Fortunately for me, including those introduced in the stories as a child through fairy-tale night before bed.

Spirit-the spirit as it is basically instinctive spirit of someone as a form of actualization and individual existence. To be honest some of us would ever aspire to be like Robin Hood, Zorro, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, or some friends and then choose to become a journalist like Tintin, or adventurers who live in the outback with the tribal people because of inspired Old Shaterhand. A helpful and useful consciousness wanted because of a stimulant of the environment, which indirectly gives the format a person's character because of the intake which later became the behavior or attitude. And to be honest can not be proved statistically on paper ... that the heroic and the heroic attitude is basically owned by everyone.

Altruism. An unselfish attitude as a negation of the attitude of egoism, is actually a basic value that are offered by many traditions and even religion. Altruist attitude appears usually because keterpanggilan upon a moral responsibility, could be due to a habit or a position or ability. Remembering the sentence Ben Parker in Spiderman 1, "behind a great power there's a great responsibility" ... indirectly give a firmness about the efficiency and effectiveness of the capacity of someone ... "what you have, do and have an impact, having a petanggung answer in time "

Georges He'bert (born 27 April 1875di Paris - August 1957di wafat2 Tourgéville, Calvados), a physical education teacher from France to realize this, so that then make this ethos into a personal motto, "e'tre fort utile pour e'tre" ... " being strong to be usefull ", became stronger (better) in order to be useful. Motto which then until now a collective motto for the practitioner who practices a discipline He'rbetian with the introduction of "parkour" by David Belle ..

Of all the stories that filled my childhood, there's one more story which then fills in my adult life with a more realistic fantasy of childhood that mengangankan become Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Zoro, Robin Hood, Tintin, Old Shaterhand, or any others. We are starting today are schools where possible and which are not possible. If you include people who have experienced bumps, broken bones or teeth falling out as a child because he had tried to fly like superman or batman would eventually understand that the dream of becoming heroes only exist in comics or movies, so that compensation is the minimum to be a hero for the people Just like the closest, brother, lover, wife, children, families, friends and orang2 yag you can still help in other forms. Being a real hero in the form of a konkkrit, conditions and realistic situations is a form of realization of understanding of the spirit of altruism. This ethos is basically owned by every person, even by people who say, criminals or rogue class too. The problem is awareness and habituation. Samurai Story of Modern era "Yamakasi" give me a realistic fantasy about being a hero and the usefulness of one's own abilities.

The story is directed Ariel Zeiton memberika a picture of responsibility for the impact of what everyone is doing. Parkour is introduced here provides an understanding that being a hero requires a long process. Even his moral responsibility is what we do also have an impact on other people, not only positive but also negative. Without prudence and wisdom of the ability of any harm, not just ourselves and even others. The story is told of a child fan Yamakasi group then imitate what was done so that fell and suffered heart failure. It is aware of all the members of Yamakasi that what they do as a personal achievement of a pleasure and still have a moral responsibility to others. Provide an awareness to others that a person's achievement can not be measured by the outcome but the process.

A phenomenon that evolved when parkour into an urban trend, many people are injured because they want to try to be someone he saw in the videos that he had seen without seeing a long process to reach there ... but what is brought and taught by parkour is to be yourself , became a hero with your own way. David Belle does not make orang2 who trained with him to be like him or follow his style, but gives an overview of the process. At every practice, Stephane Vigroux always say, "May you follow my route, but you do not have to move exactly like i do, just move as your own way ..."

Able meakukan gerakan2 vaulting or others is not a trait that you represent a traceurs / traceuse ... being able to do much less flip vaulting itself is not parkour, but your attitude and daily life that shows whether you are a traceurs / traceuse or not ...

Altruism is the root of the emergence of the spirit of the motto "e'tre fort utile pour e'tre", BEING STRONG TO BE USEFULL. Prophet Muhammad SAW said, "The man survived the truest strength equal to 20 ordinary man and a true Muslim is beneficial to the whole of nature" ...

Being a hero is a long process, a true hero knows no age. Their spirit never dies, "pour e'tre Dürer ...". O Heroes candidates .... Practice continues ....

(Inspired by: The Great Inoman).

By: Alex Atmadikara. Parkour Sukabumi

Flow: A Psychological Term

Most people on .NET don't really like the use of the term "flow", because it reminds them of UF, or showing off, or whatever. I agree, it sounds a bit silly. But after doing a little research, I found out that "flow" is a scientific term, made up by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (what a name!), a Psychology professor.

According to Csikszentmihalyi, flow is the mental state of operation in which the person is fully immersed in what he or she is doing, characterized by a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

The fundamental characteristics of flow are the following:
1. Completely involved, focused, concentrating - with this either due to innate curiosity or as the result of training.
2. Sense of ecstasy - of being outside everyday reality.
3. Great inner clarity - knowing what needs to be done and how well it is going.
4. Knowing the activity is doable - that the skills are adequate, and neither anxious or bored.
5. Sense of serenity - no worries about self, feeling of growing beyond the boundaries of ego - afterwards feeling of transcending ego in ways not thought possible.
6. Timeliness - thoroughly focused on present, don't notice time passing.
7. Intrinsic motivation - whatever produces "flow" becomes its own reward.

Csikszentmihalyi based most of his research empirical data drawn from surveying people spontaneously about what the activities they were undertaking and the way they were feeling at the time. He used a watch which beeped at random times during each day and required his subjects to immediately complete a standard survey. For many subjects he followed them for one week a year for several years. The research has been undertaken and confirmed in several countries, and now reaches 250,000 surveys.

In simple terms, the research showed that people were generally unhappy "doing nothing", were generally happy doing things, and generally knew very little about what made them happy.

In one answer, Csikszentmihalyi summarized it as all about having to learn to control our consciousness. This might come from practicing certain disciplines such as arts, sports or religions.

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The benefits of Gelatin (agar-agar)

In scientific language, seaweed (sea weeds) known as the algae or algae. Judging from its size, type of seaweed consisting of microscopic and macroscopic. This macroscopic algae everyday we know as seaweed.
Based pigment (dye), which was conceived, algae are grouped into four classes, namely Rhodophyceae (red algae) Phaeophyceae (brown algae), Chlorophyceae (green algae), and Cyanophyceae (blue-green algae).
Green algae and blue green algae, many who live and thrive in freshwater. This type of algae has no significance as a food ingredient. In contrast, brown algae and red algae are marine inhabitants is quite exclusive in its position as food and non-food.
When speaking of seaweed, which is meant is the type of brown algae and red algae. Brown algae that live in cold waters, red algae in the tropics.
Seaweed is the largest part of the sea plants that hold important enough role in its function as a food and medicine. In general, seaweed is distinguished as a producer of agar, carrageenan, furcelaran, and alginates.
Brown algae that is often called kelp or rockweed, a source or algin alginate, which is one type of polysaccharide consisting of units manurat acid and glucuronic acid. Meanwhile, the red algae is a source of carrageenan, agar-agar, and furcelaran.
Some types of seaweed found in Indonesia and has important economic significance are:

(1) Seaweed producing agar-agar (agarophyte), namely Gracilaria, Gelidium, Gelidiopsis, and Hypnea,
(2) Carrageenan-producing seaweed (Carragenophyte), namely Eucheuma spinosum, Eucheuma cottonii, Eucheuma striatum,
(3) seaweed-producing algin, namely Sargasum, Macrocystis, and Lessonia.

Type of Eucheuma and Gracilaria has been cultivated in Indonesia, especially in the Islands of Riau, Lampung, Kepulauan Seribu (Jakarta), Bali, Lombok, Flores, Sumba and Sulawesi. Cultivation carried out in places where the current is relatively calm conditions, so that productivity can be improved. Indonesian territory, 70 percent of the sea and there are 17,500 islands, is a country rich in seaweed.
Fresh seaweed can not be stored longer at room temperature. Therefore, it must be processed into the form of dried seaweed, wheat for flour, alginate, carrageenan or starch.
During this seaweed exports to other countries usually takes the form of dried seaweed. Thus, it is time for Indonesia to establish the seaweed-processing industry and export it in the form of processed products, such as agar-agar, carrageenan, alginate, and others.

Powder Form
Agar-agar is a dry product shapeless (amorphous), which has properties such as gelatin and is the result of extraction of a certain type of seaweed. Gelatin molecules consist of linear chains galaktan. Galaktan itself is a polymer of galactose.
Almost all of Indonesia's population certainly familiar with the agar. There are three forms of gelatin are sold on the market, namely rods, powder, and paper. However, the most common is a form of powder.
The public is more familiar with the agar as a delicious dessert and interesting. Therefore, the shape can be cooked up their taste and combined with a variety of color, aroma, and flavor.
The most prominent properties of the gelatin is dissolved in hot water, which when cooled to a certain temperature will form a gel. In the household, generally used for making pudding, a mixture of a variety of cakes, or rice cooked together to produce more rice fluffier and sticky.
To better provide attraction and so can be used more widely, powdered gelatin made colorful. Powdered gelatin is generally green, yellow, red, brown, and white.
Agar-agar was first produced in China before the 17th century. In industrial scale, gelatin manufacturers first established in California, United States, in 1919, followed by Japan, which until now was known as a major gelatin manufacturer in the world.
In Indonesia, the gelatin began production in 1930. While there are several industries producing agar-agar in Indonesia. The main raw material used is of the type rambukasang seaweed (Gracilaria sp), paris (Hypnea), and Kadesh (Gellidium sp).
Of the three types, the type rambukasang is the most used because it is cheaper in price and produce the agar three times more than other types. Average amount (yield) gelatin produced from dried seaweed is 25-35 percent.

Production Process
Stages of gelatin production process are:
a. Harvesting and drying seaweed.
Once harvested, cleaned of sand seaweed, rocks, and other debris. Further drying in the sun for a few days to dry (water content about 20 per cent).
b. Cutting and acidification.
Dried seaweed that has been incorporated into the wash tub filled with water and mechanically cut into pieces. Next put in the washing bath containing 5-10 percent sulfuric acid for 15 minutes and rinsed with water until clean. Another type of acid that can be used is acetic acid or citric acid. The purpose of acidification to break the cell wall, thus easily extracted agar and destroy and dissolve the dirt so that the seaweed becomes cleaner.
c. Cooking and extraction.
Seaweed concoction made in a large vessel with clean water as much as 40 times the weight of dried seaweed used. The cooking was done with the addition of 0.5 percent acetic acid and performed at a temperature of 90-100oC for 2-4 hours. At the time begins to boil, add a base (eg sodium hydroxide) to neutralize the pH to be 6-8.
d. Compaction.
After cooking is complete, seaweed extract blacu filtered with a cloth and squeezed slowly. Extracts obtained accommodated in a vessel and added to his base until the pH reached 7 to 7.5. Agar solution was neutralized, heated again with stirring and poured into a mold according to a predetermined size. Agar solution was allowed to solidify at room temperature or use cold temperatures to speed up compaction.
e. Drying.
Agar-agar has solidified, cut into thin slices in the form of 0.5 cm-thick sheet using fine steel wire. Gazette obtained blacu wrapped in cloth, prepared, and inserted into the tool presses and pressed slowly to get the water out. Solids left in the fabric for blacu then dried over bamboo racks to dry and packed with plastic bags. To produce agar-agar powder, sheets of gelatin dry milled and sifted to obtain a fine powder.

Purpose To-To
The most prominent properties of the gelatin is to have power gelation (gel forming ability), viscosity (thickness), setting point (the temperature of gel formation), and melting points (melting temperature gel) is very beneficial for use in food and non-food industries .
Agar-agar with high purity will not dissolve in water temperature of 25oC, but soluble in hot water. At temperatures 32-39oC, the agar will form solids that will not melt again at temperatures below 80oC.
The main function of the gelatin is as pemantap materials, stabilizers, emulsifiers, thickeners, fillers, bleach, gel-makers, and others. Agar-agar is used in food industry, namely to increase the viscosity of soups and sauces, as well as in the manufacture of fruit jelly.
In Europe and America, gelatin is used as thickening agents in industrial ice cream, jelly, candy, and pastries. Agar-agar is also used in the manufacture of sherbet, ice cream, and cheese to set a balance and give subtlety. In Japan, the agar is often cooked together with rice to produce a "gelatinous rice" sticky and fiber-rich food (dietary fiber), so it is more beneficial for health.
Agar-agar is also used as a purifier in various industries beverages such as beer, wine, coffee, and as a stabilizer in chocolate drinks. In the health sector, as in World War II, the gelatin used to clean wounds.
This is due in agar contained components that can stop blood agglomerate, so that the wound is easy to clean. In ancient times, Japanese and Chinese people use gelatin as upset stomach, and in America gelatinous substance included in the laxative group.
In addition to the food industry, gelatin is also used in the pharmaceutical industry (as raw material for capsules packing medicines and vitamins, laxatives mix and toothpaste), cosmetics industry (as raw material for lipstick, soap, ointments, lotions, and creams) , and other industries.
Over the years dealing with patients with high blood pressure, I often find "overweight" as one cause. In medicine obesity means the accumulation of fat in the body's internal organs (viscera) that can be causes of high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol are all these eventually became the cause of cardiac infarction and apopleksi.

In modern times all kinds of delicious foods and fatty fast food is not easy to avoid. If no settings in the diet then the fat will remain a problem. Therefore, when I search for a form of food that can be consumed with tasty but low in calories, I find agar-agar.
Agar-agar is a safe material consumption, almost no calories. Consumed as much as anything there is no problem. Agar-agar can also be expressed in many ways so it is not boring, unlike konyaku and wakame is also a low-calorie foods but limited in the presentation. Besides gelatin consumed will expand in the stomach causing a feeling of satisfaction and satiety. The nature of such food in can make people stay in the diet.

During the approximately 8 years, I have given the gelatin diet accompanied by arrangements to nearly 500 patients. In 2004, for 3 months starting in January, then we (me and Maeda, a researcher from the same researchers) make a study of the effects caused by the gelatin. The results showed that the agar can lose weight quite well compared to the diet patterns common. In addition, we also get a decrease in levels of BMI, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.
Agar-agar is no longer just a diet food because we also found a certainty that he is "the food equivalent of the drug" for a number of approximately 40,000,000 people in Japan which is a group of metabolic disorders caused by a daily diet of less healthy. Agar-agar is a food rescue for people who have problems with obesity.
Based on the testing we have done, the gelatin will give effect if consumed at night. A total of approximately 180 grams of pudding (equivalent to 2 g of flour) consumed sebgai substitute appetizer (before dinner) so egeknya felt immediately. Good luck!

Experience and research of a Japanese doctor:
DOCTOR TOCHIKUBO Osamu (Professor Faculty of Medicine, University of Yokohama Shiritsu; Born in 1943; Expertise: Preventive Medicine, Public Health Sciences. Especially regarding the treatment of high blood pressure and obesity, has been recognized).
In December 2004, the results of research on health effects of lead from the 'jelly' was presented to the world. This is the thesis of Dr Tochikubo group.

22 Benefits of garlic

   1. Inhibiting the deterioration of the brain and immune system
   2. Helps prevent aging process. Inhibit cancer cell growth.
   3. By eating garlic, cancer risk can be reduced.
   4. Garlic is consumed regularly in a certain period can helps lower cholesterol levels.
   5. Anti-cholesterol in garlic called ajoene help prevent blood clotting.
   6. Garlic can help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.
   7. With a softer effect. Garlic contains vitamin A.
   8. Garlic contains vitamins B
   9. Garlic contains vitamin C.
  10. Garlic contains calcium.
  11. Garlic contains potassium
  12. Garlic contains antioxidants. Garlic contains carotene and selenium
  13. Eating 2-3 cloves of garlic a day, will avoid the possibility diseased heart.
  14. Cure high blood pressure
  15. Relieve Ulcer
  16. Lowering blood cholesterol
  17. Increasing blood insulin for diabetics.
  18. Disable the free radicals that disrupt the immune system
  19. Useful as a poison antidote (detoxifier), which protects the body fror various diseases.
  20. Helping add your appetite when eaten raw
  21. Maintain stamina
  22. Contains antimicrobial, antithrombotic, hypolipidemic, antiarthritis, hypoglycemic, and also has antivitas as antitumor.

But no matter how properties of a drug, if not dimbangi with a healthy lifestyle all in vain Read More...

Tips and method of running for beginners

A little flashback about two years ago I still remember once before I know the physical and stamina parkour i still a mess, at that time and was the first time I tried the movements is still unclear, which is dipikiran that time I was cool and extreme , because I was from a rather small child with autism in the family and I love the smell of extreme sports, at that time I had no knowledge of what I'm doing parkour, I just tried to movements that are not mastered I hope I can jump over buildings in Jakarta such as in the movie "Yamakasi". (Menghayal in broad daylight gw).

Because I was curious and wanted to find out parkour deeper, I learned all of which relate to parkour through cyberspace, browsing I ran the correct way, learn techniques to jump, I'll climb like a spider (as in the superhero movie, then? Hahaha. .), and not only that physical exercise ala parkour I learned and applied over the years, having adequate knowledge of the tutorials that I read and learned parkour philosophy that I continue, God bless you till now I still persist in parkour, which I can at parkour was more than what had been the first time I think of the join and meet all my friends, I thought at that time was wrong about parkour which i think is extreme and cool, it turns out if we learn and explore something we love as a result we will get a diamond that is priceless, for I was a satisfaction that is unrivaled.

Now go on what I have after many years I have learned, and the results so that all my friends have also what I learned, one of which I will share about running, do not despair if you hear the word jogging, sprints, and the marathon, essentially the same thing that is running, klo gw version of hell on berlarinya more parkour and what percentage of the rest for vaulting, climbing and jumping, because it is very important to train our stamina to run the better, if we have pretty good stamina and the results for the flow that far too will taste good. So you all must go forward, I'm sure you can and I still remember the very first time I learned a few years ago and I applied it beyond how to run and how to breath correctly when running, almost desperate for a new how many yards of breath already irregular and the lungs I felt like exploding, a matter of days, weeks, months there has been no drastic changes in me and my endurance because I had confidence and spirit, and I determined I must be ..! I sweat that drips every struggle and the spirit I was, I do not want to lose from the negative side I, I should be able to resist the lazy mind every time I practice.God bless you at this time and now thanks to a long process and so was born a progress that I have, now I can run long distance and fell in love with him.Among intermezo from me and this is the fact that I share to all my friends.Tips and method and how to run for a beginner, may be helpful:

• Select shoes, good socks and know your foot typeBefore buying and choosing shoes for running, find out first about your foot type, because humans have 3 types of different foot types such as:Normal, High Arch and Flat, if you already know your foot type before visiting your subscription to a shoe store or your favorite shoe store, and asked for directions to select the appropriate type of shoe your foot type, or if you buy shoes in the shop there is usually a well-known tool to test whose name is "gait analysis", such as treadmill tool but the result will be in komputerisasikan to determine the type and shoes that fit for us, and that needs to consider in choosing a shoe is a measure that is not too big and not too small, not based on the number of shoes you wear today, the most important should be comfortable when in use running, flexible in motion, and a good grip. Buying shoes should be done in the afternoon. Because the foot has been a day of doing many jobs that are in most large size so it does not feel cramped. When you buy shoes in the morning or during the day means that you buy at the time the foot is not the maximum size. So, even though at that moment you feel fit the shoe size but once purchased and used in the afternoon, the feet can become sore because of the narrowness., After the shoe is used along the 400 miles or about 647, 73 miles, then you should replace it with a new,Make sure your shoes stay comfortably on the foot do not forget to also consider in choosing socks, choose which made comfortable and not hot in the foot, because if indiscriminate wearing socks, the result at the time ran away friction and quick feet will blister. The quality of running is also located on socks that you use as well.

• Heating and cooling
Walk about 5-10 minutes before running, this function is to minimize the pressure on paru-paru/jantung, after the body starts to hot start or keep running with a constant velocity means no fast and not too slow, too, depending on the duration of each, usually for the first time we ran constantly for about 5-10 minutes, do not forget to cool down after running the function so that the muscles are not stressed.

• The route ran
Set comfort step in a run, and Reach a goal or goals and try to adjust the distance you travel, if you think it has begun to look a bit lighter route and ideally further the distance that now you have to travel a bit more difficult than before, when you've started to enjoy the route you travel in a couple weeks longer to find a new route within the next few weeks there should be a small increase in ascension.

• Posture
Maintain correct posture when running, correct posture while running is: let the shoulders back and your hands slightly cupped. Clench your fingers can be increased stress on the shoulder and arm.Make sure your elbows are at a position 90 degrees to the body position to gain benefits for the upper body.Do not forget to take vitamin D and calcium is adequate. If not, then it can increase the risk of injury due to high load on the foot runners.

• How to breathe
It is very difficult once to set the breath for the first time we ran, the breath is always irregular, our breath will always thrive on its own if we keep running routine, breathing techniques are: take a deep breath through your nose every few steps and then hold the exhaust through the mouth slowly, repeat until your breath and maintain stable, if you experience pain on the right or left, slow the pace and pull a deep breath slowly through your nose and throw the breath through the mouth quickly, at the time of exhale through the mouth do not forget to make a sound "huuuhhh" and repeat several times until no longer ached. This is a way of cleaning the body of toxins as we ran.

• Dehydration
Keep your body from dehydration, take hydrapack or once every 30 minutes you should drink should not be, because our bodies need fluid and energy during running, many hydrapack products are sold in sports shops, ranging from bags and belts for running hydrapack so you still continued to go running without any hindrance. But remember not too much to drink during a run, drink a little and just to prevent you from dehydration.

• Sleep and eat well
Enough sleep is very important if you are running this program, enough sleep before you get started running is to provide enough energy for as long as you run, and sleep well after running helpful for you to speed up muscle recovery in body, food intake should also be considered to support this program, such as adequate protein to repair and development of the muscles after a run, before you start running make sure your stomach is not empty and not too much to eat, ideally eat 1 hour before you start running and the food must contain lots of protein to give you enough energy to run, and after running you also have to eat to speed up muscle recovery, eat a lot containing 80% carbohydrate and 20% protein.

• Run with a friend or not
If you think it really helps to stay motivated why not, join with friends if you feel very good, because usually if you run with friends do not feel tired or bored, but if you prefer your own experience of course you have to push yourself harder to keep the spirit in the running.

• Maintain motivation of music
Fill your iPod or MP3 player with a high bitrate music, if I own a 200kbps bitratenya upwards, in order to maintain pace and heart I keep the spirit, be careful of the volume that is too tight, not until you can not hear your surroundings, such as motor vehicle and others.

• Be yourself
You are running not because you're upset and you ran it were not for being happy, the reason you ran inside yourself, why you do regularly run? Be yourself, you run not because of any coercion and encouragement from others. Be proud to yourself because the results you get is your own hard work, others only your motivator.

• Progress
After a few months you already have an increase in endurance, breath, pace, duration, distance, speed and others always note any progress that you can, and the results will you see in your notes as a report to yourself. the more familiar you are running, the more stable your breath later, the more you long run the more stable your endurance. If your endurance has increased the speed will increase by itself. The bottom line is still running so that your progress is increasing.
Discipline and commitment to the program is the key. Keep yourself motivated and determined, and sooner or later you'll be running distances That Could you never imagine before.
Hopefully very helpful for my friends all of who was going to start running, the next time I'll be sharing a more useful method again and be like rice. SPIRIT ... .!!!!
Written by: Hendry "Axl extreme" HilmawanThanks to: Jerry Karundeng (the runner) who has guided gw through cyberspace.

How to become and learn Parkour?

Parkour is, in a sense, the art of using your environment as an obstacle course. It's not all jumping off of walls and scaling buildings. Follow these steps to safely learn Parkour, and overcome obstacles by applying it to your life!


Learn how to do a shoulder roll/judo roll (ex. roll from right shoulder to left hip or left shoulder to right hip) (not a somersault). This is the most important move in Parkour, as it is essential for landing jumps while preserving your forward momentum, allowing you to continue running. There are a few variations to the roll, such as the dive roll, but remember, Parkour is not as easy as it looks. A roll in Parkour is meant to 'flow', allowing you to preserve your forward momentum and continue running. While you may think you have 'mastered' the roll, remember to keep practicing the basics, even once you have gone far beyond them

1. Find other Traceurs or Traceuses in your area, and attend a jam session to learn from them before attempting anything big. If you are just beginning with Parkour, this is one of the best ways to go, because learning straight from others is much better than watching videos on YouTube.

2. Practice, practice, practice! There's no such thing as practicing too much.

3. Condition! Parkour, while a great work out in itself, is not enough to keep going, if you want to get better, you need to condition your body. Go for runs, go to the gym, et cetera. Also, your body, namely your knees, take a lot of impact. You want to condition them to be able to take the abuse.

4. While practicing in a controlled environment to get the moves down is good, parkour is spontaneous, and once you get the general feel of the moves, go for a run, and learn to apply Parkour in any situation.

5. Parkour is also about knowing your limits, if you don't think you can do something, practice small, and work your way up to it!


• Remember that Parkour is the art of free movement, so don't be afraid of any obstacles: Climb, Vault, Precision jump or Leap the obstacle (only if you feel comfortable enough to attempt it.)

• If you don't feel 100% confident with a new move practice it more on grass or mats until your comfortable. Remember, Parkour is NOT about jumping off tall objects. That just causes a lot of injuries.

• KNOW YOUR LIMITS! Dont try and show off in front of your friends and do the most dumbest thing you can think of.

• You can also go on and other websites to learn new moves.

• To begin, practice at your home, schools or even your backyard, these are nice spots to learn movements.

• Dont be afraid to try new movement. Failure leads to success!

• Freerunning is a little different from Parkour because Freerunning involves more aesthetic moves, where as Parkour is based solely around moving between points quickly.


• Parkour is dangerous if practiced recklessly, and safety should always be a concern. Having friends around to watch your back isn't a bad thing.

• Start slow, and build up

• Sometimes, law enforcement and property owners won't let you practice in certain areas because of  liability. Respect this and find a new training ground.

• It is better to have less, more balanced muscle than massive amounts of muscle that do not help in Parkour.

• Be careful of which friends you choose to do Parkour with since most of them will not be loyal and stick with you through the hard times especially when you get injured.

• Don't use parkour to do anything illegal. Apply it usefully to real life situations such as getting somewhere on time or getting away from an attacker.

Things You'll Need

• Determination.

• Good Judgment.

• Good Parkour.

• An area to train.

• Comfy clothing.

Source :

Fish oils and its medicinal properties

Fish oil has many health benefits. Omega-3 fish oil can be found in salmon, mackerel and tuna. Eat fish twice a week, will provide health benefits for you and your family.
Here are some great benefits of fish oils:

1. Fish oil prevents heart attacks. Dr Alexander Leaf and colleagues at Harvard Medical School states, that eating fish, like salmon or tuna twice a week can prevent heart attacks. Not only that, research at the University of Southampton also stated such, Omega-3 terkadung in fish can protect against heart disease and stroke.

2. In addition, fish oil may reduce the risk of death from sudden heart attack. Chief researcher Dr. Consortia Roberto and Mario, Research Institute of Santa Maria Embargo, Italy found one case, namely in gram daily dose of omega-3 fish oil significantly enough to reduce death from a sudden heart attack by 42%.

3. Fish oil helps reduce the symptoms of lupus. Researchers in Northern Ireland University of Ulster found that people with lupus who eat tuna, mackerel and similar fish containing omega-3 fish oils reduce the symptoms of lupus.

4. The Paterson Institute found that omega-3 fish oils can protect or prevent prostate cancer terkenanya.

5. Fish oil reduces the growth of breast cancer. Researchers from Indiana University found that omega-3 fatty acids can reduce breast cancer cell growth.

6. Fish oil reduces inflammation. Researchers from Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital found that a diet high in fish oil can help improve the condition of the body and avoid the pain inflammation

7. Fish oil to prevent some symptoms of advanced cancer. Professor Kevin Fearon and colleagues at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary found that fish oil can prevent cachexia - the severe wasting and weight loss associated with several types of advanced cancer.

8. Fish oil were able to overcome asthma. Researchers at the University of Cambridge found that fish oils can protect the body from breathing disorders or asthma.

9. Bristol University researchers claim that fish oil is good for brain and visual development of children

10. Fish oil helps with chronic fatigue syndrome. Dr Basant Puri and colleagues at the Hospital in London found that taking omega-3 fish oil supplements can help to alleviate some symptoms associated with chronic fatigue syndrome.

In conclusion, fish oil has tremendous benefits for health. So start taking fish oil containing omega-3 from now, to get benefits.


Hot weather, or being at the leading fast food restaurants, most of us would order a soda as a drink. It is nice, we are a dry throat instantly felt fresh. But, you should be aware of. It turned out that soda is bad for health.

1. Main Causes Fragile Bones!Contributors to Eating Well Media Group, wrote. The content of soda is the main cause brittle bones. It is true, explain the fact that a teenager who is too often consume soda at risk of bone loss or osteoporosis. Fatal result, people will be easily affected by fracture than others. A study in the Archives of Pediatrics & Medicine Adolencent Journal of the American Medical Association issued in his research indicates that this is true. Research led by Grace Wyshak of Harvard Medical School in Boston succeeded in analyzing the survey data on 460 adolescents in the U.S.. As a result, adolescents who frequently consume soda, three times more susceptible to fractures. This will increase five-fold when fixed to consume soda and physically active!.

2. Caffeine Content of High!In one glass of soda contains 50 milligrams of caffeine. Although smaller than the coffee, the caffeine content in soda still evil. One doctor holistic, F. Batmanghelidj, MD, stated that the worst effects of caffeine are heart disease and brain cells. And more dangerous again, most people do not realize that soda actually has a high caffeine content. So they still think is safe compared to consume coffee. Regular caffeine intake in pregnant women may increase the risk of delivering babies with low birth weight. Even can cause spontaneous miscarriage or damage to the fetus. Caffeine also can inhibit enzymes that are used in memory formation, and eventually cause loss of memory. The most dangerous thing is that caffeine can be toxic to brain cells!.

3. Containing Sugar Overload!Sugar content in sodas is believed very high compared to other beverages. In at least a can of soda contains nine teaspoons of sugar!!. In fact, the need for sugar in the body must not be more than four teaspoons per day! So, imagine if you drink three glasses of soda every lunch time!

4. Diet Soda Dangerous!You need to know, not necessarily written on the packaging is not dangerous diet!. Typically, manufacturers of sodas use artificial sweeteners as sugar replacement ingredient they deem safe. Well, his name is aspartame. In fact, these chemicals can cause dysfunction of insulin. In addition, aspartame also contain toxic substances that do not exist in natural sugar. In the 166 articles on aspartame published by medical journals, from 91 percent of independent studies, 84 studies of a total of 92, found the incidence of health hazard caused by aspartame. Previous studies will identify the nature of aspartame has nerve damage. In one study, 7 monkeys were given milk with aspartame. One monkey dead, five others suffered severe seizures. Other studies have shown that aspartic acid, aitu one of the major components of aspartame, leading to brain damage baby mice.

5. Trigger CancerSoda drinkers also had higher cancer risk. In a study also mentioned that the soda can cause DNA damage due to sodium benzoate, a preservative that is normally present in most soft drinks, is able to "turn off" the vital function of your DNA. This led to the emergence of some diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver and Parkinson's.

6. Potential Problems For MusclesOne study found that too many soft drinks can cause muscle problems. Muscle problems caused by drinking too much soda is called hypokalemia. Patients with hypokalemia was a decreasing level of potassium in the blood that lead to disturbances in vital functions of muscle. Symptoms may experience muscle weakness to paralysis numbness like!!.

From now think carefully before uprise soda. Better to prevent than cure right?!


We are born to run

We are born to run. According to recent research, the human body was designed and have evolved to be able to run long distances. These capabilities allow our ancestors to conquer the plains of Africa.It said the scientists, long-distance running may be an adaptation of the more significant results than walking on two legs. Walking itself is an ability which began to appear along with the presence of the first hominids some 6 million years ago.It is true that we can not surpass the four-legged mammals who can run fast. Fastest human can only run at a rate of 10 meters per second in just 15 seconds. While horses and dogs can reach twice the speed for several minutes.Even so, anthropologists show how we adapt well to long-distance endurance running. As stated by biologist Dennis Bramble of the University of Utah, and his partner, Dan Lieberman of Harvard University.

Big butt

 "Our feet have many tendons that are not found in other primates," said Lieberman. "You do not use the Achilles tendon when walking, but the tendon is important when running. The muscles of our buttocks, which is characteristic of large size in humans, also is vital to running because it helps balance the body and keep it in order not to bend forward .But the muscles of the buttocks is also not so vital to running, meaning we are more designed for running. In addition, the runners also have to keep their body temperature stays cool, something that explains why we have a lot of sweat glands and skin, lint.Some adaptation is seen also in Homo erectus, the hominid that lived about 2 million years ago. Long legs, short arms, and lower shoulders of Homo erectus and modern humans as well, suited to the demands for a run. While the opposite, previous hominids, such as the australopithecines have proportions more like a chimpanzee foot.Compared to chimpanzees, modern humans have the connections that big feet appropriate body mass. This helps us withstand the pressure that occurs when running.Long-distance running is now regarded as a sport, but according to Lieberman he played an important role in human evolution. Unlike other mammals or primates, we can run as far as miles and miles. The ability of early humans was perhaps possible to obtain meat from dead animals such as hyenas come before animals."Before there are spears, bows and arrows, people experience times when they had to run to live, and they who lose that ability to us," said Lieberman. ( / WSN)


Stiff at a new exercise or exercise?

Problems arise for a beginner in doing exercise is a sense of fatigue will be felt in our first weeks of practice. This happens for several reasons:
1. Tears occur in the smooth muscle fibers due to exercise. This damage will be restored automatically by our body using a body builder materials in the form of protein we consume.
2. A large accumulation of lactic acid in muscle results from the exercise. This lactic acid will be appointed by the blood slowly.
3. Because the first time to practice, our bodies do not have a protective protein. Along with increasing time, the protein will be formed around the cells of our body muscles so that we adapt and no longer feel pain when practicing.

4. If we feel mild pain during practice, segerahlah stop practicing and not be forced. Similarly, if we want to practice but we will train the muscles sore from the previous exercise, the muscle should not be trained first. We can replace it with another train or not train the muscles used for the day until our bodies recover. If there is a sharp pain, we need to be aware whether there is injury to the muscle or connective tissue of our bodies, especially if we make the wrong movement or lack of heating, immediately see a doctor if you feel pain in the joints or muscle tissue.
hopefully useful and keep SPIRIT ..!

the difference between women and men muscles

Women have the muscle density or number of muscle fibers are much less than men, but women are the same quality of muscle fibers with men. By undergoing training, hypertrophy (enlargement) of muscle in women not be equal to men. This is because the hormone levels of testosterone (anabolic hormone that plays a role in muscle development) in men 10 times greater than women.
Improving the quality and muscle strength in women remains. However, muscle hypertrophy that occurs is very small. Terrified women become great because of physical exercise is not justified, because in a normal woman can not be large like a man.
Input is how to strengthen bones and form a solid body? That is by doing exercise such as lifting heavy loads, but because in parkour are not using weights to exercise so undo the intention of lifting weights, which we use here is the term Body weight or exercise with a load ourselves, many studies have proven that training with weights very useful to prevent osteoporosis, increase muscle strength, and overall healthy body. When done correctly.

Strength training is prepared individually for 3 kinds of the intended results are:

1. Muscle tone (muscle activate)
2. FORMATION OF THE BODY (raising muscle and body shape)
3. STRENGTH TRAINING (to increase our power in a meaningful way)

Once again we can train in parkour our muscles with body weight, may be useful and keep SPIRIT ..!